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Once Upon a Time


They say perception is reality. If that is so, then there is beauty in everything.
There is beauty in the darkness as well as in the light.





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Blind Faith is Dangerous… (Published 2014)


We follow religion without questioning it…dangerous (religiosity)

We follow nations and govts without questioning them (Nationalism and Patriotism)

We follow authority without questioning it (Police, Politicians, Teachers, Lawyers, Judges)

We follow unjust rules, unjust laws without questioning them when they do not pertain to us.

We accept things we shouldn’t . We ask the wrong questions or we don’t’ question at all.

We support policies that go against our best interest because they are whispered and wrapped in guise of “truth” “religion” “faith” “good” “evil” “right” “wrong”

We regurgitate propaganda because it’s flowed into and through our lives so much it’s become normalized. We do this without questioning it.

It’s OK to kill certain people because they look a certain way, act a certain way.

It’s OK to disparage certain individuals because they are poor or struggle. That must mean that “god” says they don’t deserve, are being punished or aren’t working hard enough (the Protestant ethic-capitalism)

Money over Life, Power over People, Greed over Charity, Hate and fear over compassion and acceptance.

shutterstock_103061150We follow the crowd over blazing our own path.

We are too afraid of what others think to speak our minds, to defend others, to stand up and protect those in harms way.

We are too afraid to shake up our stability to ask for better. We are too afraid to say no. Because, what will others think?

We are afraid to question religion; because, then it might show its inconsistencies; afraid if you question it will disappear; afraid to be enlightened; because then the disguise falls away; Afraid to take risks because then we might lose.

How can we win if we never play? How can we find answers if we never question? How can we know the truth if we don’t seek it? How can we be fearless if we never take risks; If we don’t conquer our fears, don’t step out of our comfort zones. How can we run if we never stand?

How can we grow if we stand in the shadows; if we hide from the light?

How can we have freedom, equality and justice if we never ask for it. expect it, demand it, fight for it?

How can we be more than sheep if we do not stand away from the herd; repeating what evangelist say; regurgitating the interpretation of others, without looking for ourselves; Oppressing others because they expect better, ask questions, want answers, fight against the status quo.

We vote a party because they have the right look, sound right; even when they are wrong. happyending

We degrade and stifle those who fight;  because we are too afraid to shake things up; too afraid to lose the little we have; too afraid to disappoint, to be different, to be strong, to take risks. We are too worried about things, superficial attitudes, and popularity to do more than judge others who aren’t afraid to fight, to walk, to run, to climb, to yell, to raise their hands, to say NO! not anymore.

We are too afraid to stand for those who stand in the ruins of their world; because loss, poverty, injustice, and inequality- it might be contagious.

Better them than us right? We are ready to throw our fellow humans in harms way to protect ourselves–our own self interests. But,not ready to stand between what is right and what is wrong to protect another.

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