I have a mission to bring a voice to, and put a face on, the reality of suffering. The truth must be told!

I’m a researcher and social journalist. I have years of experience as a freelance photographer/writer and editor. I’ve been a photographer and writer all my life. It has always fascinated me. I’ve done many things in my life. Everything I’ve learned and everything I have seen I pull it together to help me understand everyday life.

I’m a very direct and passionate person. I will likely write about everything from my relationships, experiences, politics and yes even religion. I love music, poetry and anything about history. Sometimes I will just write about my random thoughts and ideas.

Interesting fact about me: When I am tired, I am more aware of my surroundings.


I may not love easily or often, but when I love, I love well.

I am the one you can always count on to be there. My own personal style is reflected in my eyes. If you take a moment to stop and look, you will see everything you ever want to know about me. I don’t have to define me. If you look for me, you will find me. If you look into me you will know me. But to have my heart and soul is for those willing to find the path to me.

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