Show Me

___the_sorrow_lullaby____by_pagihariMaybe I don’t understand all you feel or do. I want to. Maybe I only see parts of you.

Show me your darkness and your light-I will embrace them just for you.


Maybe I get angry for all the things I don’t understand, but want to; the fears are mine. What can you do? Show me your struggles and all your fears.  I will love them too.


Maybe what I see are mine. It is only misunderstanding, not knowing what to do. Maybe it’s ME telling YOU- with me you always have a place to be. Show me the imperfect you, with thoughts and feelings of gains and losses. Don’t be afraid. I see you!


I feel helpless at times, for all the  things I cannot do…be there for you when you hurt, hold you when you need-selfish me. Show me those hidden parts of you. I may not have a right- those thoughts and feelings, I am not entitled to-Since forever I have waited-a call, a message, a visit…your voice…to know you’re ok…all is well…I’ll see you soon…


“It’s whatever. Who cares? I do” Show me your silent tears…I wanted to ask…but, no. Don’t be too serious. I  want no worries. Selfish, I know…”I want.”


I cannot know every part of you. I cannot understand all you feel, think or do…but I can love and accept all of you. Show me your fears and worries. Show me your darkness and your light. Show me your silent tears


I am going to get angry at times…but , can’t you see, I will be more afraid if I do not know…Show me your shadows. let me see all your fears.


Show me your struggles. Show me your hidden parts. I will love them just for you.


-A Bayat 2016


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